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About Allergy Studio

Founded by Zhuohan Shao in 2016 in London.
Currently based in Shanghai, operating as a graphic design studio.

Biography & ExperiencesZhuohan Shao, born and raised in Hangzhou, China, earned his BA (Hons) in Graphic Design from the University for the Creative Arts. He further pursued an MA in Graphic Communication Design at Central Saint Martins in London. 

2023  Graphic Designer at VOICER, Xuhui District, Shanghai
2022 - 2023 Creative Designer at RADII, Huangpu District, Shanghai
2020 Designer Assistant at 702design, Binjiang District, Hangzhou

Qianwen Wang was born in Shanghai, China, and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Fashion Design from Shanghai University of Engineering and Technology. In 2014, she embarked on a cultural exchange program in New Zealand. From 2015 to 2018, she pursued studies in Fashion Design and Pattern Making in Milan, Italy, obtaining Master’s degrees from Istituto Marangoni and Istituto Secoli.

2018 Patternmaker at Classic Cuts Ltd, London, England
2014 Internship at Vera Wang, Xuhui District, Shanghai

Selected Awards2023 KTK Design Award, Outstanding Award
2023 GDC Award, Graphic Design in China, Merit Award
2022 Red Dot Award, Brands & Communication Design, Best of the Best
2022 DNA Paris Design Award, COLORFUL PROJECT Winner
2022 New York TDC 68th, Certificates of Typographic Excellence 
2022 Tokyo TDC Annual Awards, Two Prize Nominee Works
2021 Award360° 100, Best Experimental Design of the Year 
2021 Shanxi Design Award, 2nd Class Prize 
2021 Tokyo TDC Annual Awards, Prize Nominee Works 
2021 Young Blood Award, Finalist 
2021 YD Student Design Award, First Prize 
2020 Hiiibrand Awards, Merit Award 
2020 JAGDA International Student Poster Award, Selected 
2020 Creative Quarterly 59 International Juried Competition, Runner-Up
2019 Hiiibrand Awards, Nomination 
2019 JAGDA International Student Poster Award, Selected
2019 IDC Awards, Excellence Awards
2018 Hiiibrand Awards, Nomination

Exhibitions2023 To Life in Hangzhou 3rd Anniversary, Tsutaya Books, Hangzhou, CN
2023 Tokyo TDC in Hangzhou, CN
2022 Red Dot Winners Selection, Museum für Kommunikation Berlin, DE
2022 Facet-Award360° Exhibition, Shanghai, CN
2022 TDC 68TH Annual Exhibition, The Cooper Union, New York, US
2022 Tokyo TDC Exhibition, Ginza Graphic Gallery, JP
2021 Central Saint Martins, GCD Wheat pasting, London, UK 
2021 Tokyo TDC Exhibition, Ginza Graphic Gallery, JP
2020 JISPA, The National Art Center, Tokyo, JP
2019 JISPA, The National Art Center, Tokyo, JP
2019 Here</>There Exhibition, Today Art Museum, Beijing, CN
2019 This way up, London & Surrey, UK

Selected Publications2024 NOIA Magzaine, Issue 3: States
2023 BranD Magazine, No.69
2022 International Yearbook Brands & Communication Design
2022 Typography 43: The World’s Best Type and Typography
2022 Tokyo TDC, Vol.33 – The Best in International Typography & Design
2021 Award360° Annual — 100 Designs of the Year
2021 Tokyo TDC, Vol.32 – The Best in International Typography & Design

Selected Media2023 回归手工,设计师都不爱用电脑做设计了?
2023 TOLIFE 在杭州
2023 「Beyond Value 价值之外」 自主创作,或许比你想的有意义
2022 Not Every Mistake Is a Mistake, Interview with Red Dot
2023 Design360° 如何高情商地向亲戚解释「什么是平面设计?」
2022 Design360° 抛弃设计软件、回归手工作法
2022 Design360° 3位Z世代设计师的自述
2021 The Graduate Online Talk 第四期第二集

Collaborations & ClientsUCA China Team, CN
The Rebel Mums, HK

Lovers, UK
Shanghai Dongming Brewing Limited Company, CN
West Bund Museum, CN
Romantica Magazine, UK / IT
Kerry Nutley, UK

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